About Us?

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  • Ernesto Chavez, personal técnico del Mariposario Tambopata

The Mariposario Tambopata Butterfly Farm in Puerto Maldonado, was opened in February of 2015 by pioneer butterfly breeders, Valeria Luna and Augusto Mulanovich. The butterfly farm is the first of its kind in Peru and has a local staff of butterfly breeders who work in the nursery directly next to the exhibition. The Mariposario Tambopata Butterfly Farm is open every day of the year including Sundays and public holidays. Augusto and Valeria welcome groups of all sizes and all ages, especially young children, as they understand that a facility like this holds much educational value. The butterfly farm has a nice cafeteria and gift shop next to the butterfly exhibition. Since we are next to the airport is the perfect place to wait for your flight.