About Us?

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The Mariposario Tambopata Butterfly Farm in Puerto Maldonado, which recently opened in February of 2015, has already an interesting history to date. Initially created in 2000 by Augusto Mulanovich, he had to make the tough decision to close it down in 2002 as eco-tourism was still relatively unknown in Puerto Maldonado at that time. In 2004 the butterfly exhibition was rented to a non-profit NGO and then to an eco-tourism company and finally, in 2014, Augusto and his wife Valeria Luna decided to reopen the business under the new company name. With 15 years of experience in butterfly breeding and a guide to managing butterflies in Peru entitled ‘Mariposas’ under his belt, Augusto felt the time was right to concentrate his efforts full time in the business. The butterfly farm is the first of its kind in Peru and has a local staff of butterfly breeders who work in the nursery directly next to the exhibition. The Mariposario Tambopata Butterfly Farm is open every day of the year including Sundays and public holidays. Augusto and Valeria welcome groups of all sizes and all ages, especially young children, as they understand that a facility like this holds much educational value. In fact it’s a real family affair. Augusto first met his wife, Valeria, when she originally traveled from Buenos Aires in Argentina to work at the butterfly farm and now they have come full circle with the couple managing it with their two children ( Taken from: Michel Tupy, 2015, Free to fly: Puerto Maldonado´s butterfly farm)